Dimensionism.Space is a microsite conceptualized, designed and developed by the Design Practicum Fall 2019 class within the Art & Design Department of Mason Gross School, Rutgers University, New Brunswick. This site was generated on the occasion of Dimensionism: Modern Art in the Age of Einstein, an exhibition currently held at the Zimmerli Art Museum. The Designers in this class aspired to promote this seminal exhibition across the campus through a contemporary and computational lens by way of reflecting on the work of their choice and creating a digital avatar or a tribute to that work in the form of code. Designers of the project are:

Jennifer Aguirre
Elyssa Feerrar
Conor Finn
Lau Krystal
Tyler Lee
Kathleen Makar
Jillian Mulhern
Rushika Raman
Sara Reed
Francesca Stoppa
Maya Tillman

The project is mentored by Donna Gustafson, Thomas Sokolowski and Atif Akin.

Dimensionism: Modern Art in the Age of Einstein is a groundbreaking exhibition that explores how modern art was influenced by advances in science, from Einstein’s theory of relativity to newly powerful microscopic and telescopic lenses.